Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Big thanks to Inside Publications!

We'd like to thank Inside Publications writer Julie Foster and publisher Cecily Hastings for the article regarding the Powell House, a custom designed home on this year's Sacramento Mid-Century Modern Home Tour.

The article, "Modern at Last", can be found in the June 2010 issue of Inside The City -- the Land Park, Curtis Park, Hollywood Park, Central City and Woodlake edition -- on the cover and pages 21 - 23. The tour is also discussed on page 12, under the "Life in the City" section -- "Mid-Mod Home Tour." Copies of Inside The City are available for downloading online (pdf) at newsstands at various locations throughout the above-mentioned neighborhoods as well as directly mailed to neighborhood homes. Look for your copy in your mailbox -- or pick one up today!


  1. It appeared in Inside Arden & Inside East Sacramento too :)

  2. Thank you for letting us know this, Healing Artists :)